Enrollment System

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The Academic Information Management System is a complete/full-featured, user friendly, cost effective, and web-enabled Enrollment Management System developed by Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. for academic institutions.

A.I.M.S. is designed to manage all aspects of the enrollment process from student applications, applicant approval, subject and section offering, student enrollment (registration and payment), grading system, and releasing of transcript of records.


What A.I.M.S. can provide..


Thanks to A.I.M.S. the application process becomes simpler and more accessible to students seeking entry into your academic institution. Instead of having to get a form, filling it out, then submitting it; applicants can fill out the form online. Once entered, the data goes directly into A.I.M.S. database so there is no need for your staff to encode the information which reduces the chances of typographical errors. The Application Module provides your administrators with the ability to collect process, and evaluate these applications through the system. It will then give both the administrator and the applicant the ability track the application status in real time.

The Module Includes:

Applicant side:

  • New student applications (Details Collection and Storage)
  • Application Status Notification
  • Applicant profile gathering

Administrators Side:

  • Applicant details inspection and Verification
  • Exam Scheduling and Evaluation
  • Applicant approval


Give your students the joy of stress-free enrollment thanks to the A.I.M.S. online Enrollment Module. Students can now enroll anytime during the enrollment period from anywhere via the internet. Say goodbye to waiting and long lines just to see if a class is still open and welcome to hassle-free enrollments

The Module Includes:

  • Registration interface (view class offerings, schedules)
  • Assessment (choose payment scheme and breakdown of fees to be paid)


Now you can easily collect and track tuition revenue and fees owed by students with the help of the A.I.M.S. Cashier Module. It can handle cash or check payments as well as online payments through credit cards by request.

The Module Include:

  • Cashier Payment Installment
  • Online payments collection
  • Scholarships
  • Discounts
  • Printed Official Receipts


Handle administrative duties with ease through the A.I.M.S. Registrar Module. This allows you to maintain and manage all aspects of the academic institution from applicants, students, class offerings, etc. It provides you reliable admin and government reports.

The Module Includes:
Manage and maintenance of:

  • Student information
  • Course offerings
  • Subjects
  • Faculty information
  • Curriculum
  • Reports


The A.I.M.S. faculty module allows the faculty to fill out grade sheets, addresses students concerns, view their class lists, class loads, and pertinent student information. Restrictions can be set to various parts of faculty access determining which information the faculty member can view, edit and delete.

The Module Includes:

  • Student Record Information
  • Grading Sheet
  • Announcements
  • Intraschool Messaging Service


The A.I.M.S. Student Module provides instant access to announcements, enrollment offerings, a messaging service for student-faculty interaction, and allows them to update their personal information. This module also allows the user to access the Online Enrollment Module. The student page is a password protected page containing the student’s personal information, photo, class schedule, grades and messages from the registrar and faculty.

The Module Includes:

  • Student Personal Information editor
  • Schedule of enrolled subjects
  • Updated record of their past grades
  • Intraschool messaging service